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If you can find a dj duo that is closer to the essence of true music you can wrap them up and send them over. They have been in it for years and dare to be different. They serve you the whole package in Jazz, Grooves, Disco, Soul, Funk and the Electronic music. You name it ...


Catch us on saturdays @ Monroe (Gentplaats 1 - Antwerp)


29.04 PURE invites Krewcial


06.05 PURE invites Ivan Diaz (usa)

13.05 PURE ft. Waxx (resident)

20.05 PURE ft.Dr. Flow (resident)

27.05 PURE invites Cherokee (aus)


03.06 PURE invites Raffa Brescia (Sweet Coffee, Soul Migrantz, ...)

10.06 PURE ft. Dr. Flow (resident)

17.06 PURE invites MTMU

24.06 PURE ft. Waxx (resident)


01.07 PURE invites Cherokee (aus)

08.07 PURE ft. Waxx (resident)

15.07 PURE ft. Dr. Flow (resident)

22.07 PURE invites Ivan Diaz (usa)

29.07 PURE invites Krewcial


05.08 PURE invites Raffa Brescia (Sweet Coffee, Soul Migrantz, ...)

12.08 PURE invites Stefan Vranckx

19.08 PURE invites Discomondays

26.08 PURE ft. Dr. Flow (resident)


02.09 PURE ft. Waxx (resident)

09.09 PURE invites RaOuL

16.09 PURE ft. Dr. Flow (resident)

23.09 PURE invites John Player Speciaal

30.09 PURE invites STIJN


07.10 PURE invites tba

14.10 PURE Resident Evening with Waxx & Dr. Flow (1 year @ Monroe)

21.10 PURE ft. Dr. Flow (resident)

28.10 21.10 PURE ft. Waxx (resident)

PURE at your event, bar, club, party...? Send us an email and we'll work something out. 

In the meantime, check our PURE page on facebook. 

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             PURE dj Sets (by Waxx & Flow)



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